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Easily Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Safe, Secure & Fast Hard Drive Recovery

Experienced, Reliable and Reputable Support


How I wish I would have known your program several months ago! Your software is not only easy to use but also very effective. I will recommend it to anyone who needs data recovery.
- Brock, New York, USA

Losing files is easy, but finding them back is much harder. However, with this fantastic software, all the data can be back in several minutes. This is the best data recovery software I have ever used in a sticky situation. It's easy for nivices.
- Birch, CA, USA

Thank you for your wonderful product! I recovered my precious photos with it! I never thought I could get them back! Thanks a lot!
- Clark, Washington DC, USA

I bought your product 3 minutes ago, and now all the last files are recovered. So you can imagine how fast it performs. What’s more, this ware is also pretty affordable.
- Elton, Boston, USA

This recovery tool works great, recovering 100% of my files from a bad disk. I will keep this tool and recommend it to others.
- Verity, Chicago, USA

I just found this recovery tool not only recovers files but pictures as well. I'm very satisfied with this software. It is really reliable and worth for my money.
-Jude, Houston, USA

On March 20th 2010, I purchased your recovery software. So far it has worked fine, and I was able to recover files from the other corrupted hard disk. This program does exactly what it says.
-Lee, San Francisco, USA

It is able to recover files, and to my surprise, it takes only several minutes to scan and find what a lost. I don’t need to worry I would accidentally delete some important data.
- Zinnia, London, UK

I like your recovery program. Though others can do the same thing, but yours is much better, it’s safer, quicker and more efficient.
- Darren, Liverpool, UK

Dear Team, thanks very much for your amazing software. I get all my photos back. Thanks!
-Gage, Canberra, Canada

System Requirements:

Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



" Thank you very much for your help and your quick reply, your team is outstanding! "
---Eric Nellen, from US

" This software saved 1000's of photos that I lost due to a HD failure. I recommend this to anyone that has lost important pictures.  "
---Rose, from CA