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Easily Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Safe, Secure & Fast Hard Drive Recovery

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1. I was suffering from data loss after my hard disk deadlock, and some very important and personally priceless photos were lost, Please help me!

Use MagicCute Data Recovery Software---It’s a NO.1 data recovery tool for retrieving your inaccessible data. And with this program, you don’t need to spend long hours of your previous time, because the goal of MagicCute Data Recovery is to recovery lost date quickly and speedily. And it was awarded by topmost shareware websites.

2. Why should I choose data recovery software to recover my lost files but not data recovery service?

There are 4 reasons that you should use our data recovery software.
1) If you choose data recovery service, you will be highly charged for using the recovery service.
2) If you choose data recovery service, you cannot get your lost data as quickly as Data Recovery Software. Apart from that, they cannot easily satisfy you.
3) Use Data Recovery Software can protect your privacy, because it was managed only by yourself.
4) Use Data Recovery Software can promise that it’s safe and efficient.

3. Does this data recovery tool work with all major Windows OS? My pc is window 7 OS.

Yes. MagicCute Data Recovery Software can be used for all windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista and windows 7 and works on all type of PC, Laptop, Desktop, workstation and Server Machines.

4. I am a newbie for using pc, this is why I lost my sister’s file by accident. So can I use your program? Whether it is dangerous for using it?

Of course you can! One of the best news to data recovery software in these days is that it's so easy to use. Frankly, today's software is so friendly for users. Anyone, whether amateur or expert, can find and retrieve data.
MagicCute Data Recovery can deep scan your computer and recover your lost files back without requiring extra skills and it will never edit or modify any data.

5. Can I recover files after installing a new os? I've windows 7 lap-top.

You need rely on professional file recovery tool to get them back.
MagicCute Data Recovery software can deep scan your computer and recover your lost files back without requiring extra skills. Here are the steps might be helpful to you:
1. Download this program on your computer.
2. Install and start the program. Click Fiels Recovery icon.
3. Select the Drive where your lost files located, click Next.
4. In the Scan Mode Selection, selete Logical Mode. Now the scanning process will start to search the deleted files. After a while you’ll then get a list of recoverable files.
5. Select all the files of the Drive. Press Next to choose a Directory to store your lost data.
6. Click Next to perform full recovery.

System Requirements:

Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



" Thank you very much for your help and your quick reply, your team is outstanding! "
---Eric Nellen, from US

" This software saved 1000's of photos that I lost due to a HD failure. I recommend this to anyone that has lost important pictures.  "
---Rose, from CA