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Easily Recover Deleted Files

Safe, Secure & Fast Hard Drive Recovery

Experienced, Reliable and Reputable Support

Want Deleted File Recovery Quick and Safe?—Now You can Solve It Esily.

Feel desperate when you realize that you have deleted a very important file? Stay calm.
There is still chance to bring it back. If you have deleted it from your disk, run a search for the file name or check the Recycle Bin. It is the easiest way to get it back. But if you can not find it, or you have erased it from your portable storage media like Ipod or memory card (there isn’t any Recycle Bin in them), things will be a little tricky. In this case, you need either a skilled computer technician or handy deleted file recovery software.

Find it hard to find a skilled computer technician or get trustworthy deleted file recovery software? MagicCute Data Recovery is all you need.

MagicCute Data Recovery is one of the top-bestselling tools designed for deleted file recovery. It can retrieve your deleted files from all kinds of storage devices, such as hard drive, memory card, and digital media like cell phone, and MP3 & MP4 player, etc. After a safe and quick scan, it will find all your deleted files on the source. Clicking your mouse to select the files you want to recover, you can bring the important files back instantly.

Why choosing MagicCute Data Recovery? Here is the answer.
1. Simplify user interface and easy-to-use operation.
2. Works with major Windows OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7.
3. Support most kind of storage devices: hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, raid array, etc.
4. Recover deleted files from deleted partitions (FAT, FAT32 and NTFS).
5. Recover data after formatting/re-creation of hard drive.
6. Advanced File Format detecting algorithm. Support 2000+ file formats.
7. Rescue data in Read-Only mode. No need to worry that the data would be modified in the source.
8. Media File Preview. Support JPEG/PNG/GIF/WAV/MP3/MPEG/TIFF/TXT/BMP ...
9. Mass file recovery is supported.
10. Save previous scanned results.
11. Recovers file data and its original names.
12. Creates image files.

Get a Quick and Safe Deleted File Recovery Right Now!

Very Easy to Use

System Requirements:

Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9

Deleted File Recovery


"Often deleting important files has always been a big problem for me. Now with MagicCute Data Recovery, I need not to worry anymore."
---Penny Wood, Michigan

" No file recovery software would be better than MagicCute Data Recovery, at least now. It makes file recovery so easy and fast! Trust me—it will never let you down!  "
---Jamie Longman, Maryland

"It really saves me a lot of time to restore my marketing proposal. If not for MagicCute Data Recovery, I must start it over again."
---Eldon George, California