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Easily Recover Lost or Deleted Files

Safe, Secure & Fast Cell Phone Data Recovery

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Lost Cell Phone Data?—Cell Phone Data Recovery Would Help!

Why you need cell phone data recovery?
As more and more multifunctional cell phones come onto the market, memory cards for cell phone, such as MMC, SD Card, MiniSD Card, Memory Stick, SM Card, are also in great demand. In order to achieve a better cell phone performance, people often use memory cards to store music, movies, e-books, video game software and even phone contact numbers to expand the capacity of phones. But accidental deletion, formatting and all kinds of memory card errors would cause a big problem—you cannot find the data you’ve stored in it and cell phone data recovery is not easy at all.
However, as long as you can find a good cell phone data recovery tool, there is still probability to retrieve your phone data from the card.

The best solution—using MagicCute Data Recovery to get your phone data back!
MagicCute Data Recovery is an efficient and award-winning cell phone data recovery, capable of retrieving and storing your lost data at a desired location in the quickest and safest way.

MagicCute Data Recovery can deal with:
1. Formatted cell phone memory card. Provided that you have not rewritten your card, MagicCute Data Recovery would be able to restore the card to the state before formatting.
2. Corrupted cell phone memory card. Even if your memory card has been infected with viruses and the file system has been damaged, MagicCute Data Recovery still can save all the data.
3. Deleted files in cell phone memory card. MagicCute Data Recovery employs advanced file format detecting algorithm to find as many files in your memory card as possible. It can support 2000+file formats and keep everything remain the same after recovery.

Outstanding features MagicCute Data Recovery owns:
User-friendly interface and easy-to-use operation.
Thorough scan and complete cell phone data recovery. Never let go any recoverable file and recover any file data to its original format and name.
Media file preview. You can click the Preview to see the content of text file and even hear the music file. Then you can make sure which file is the one you want to recover.
Image creation for backup purpose.
Free technical support. Go to support if you come across any problem when use this software, you will get a professional technical support.

Download MagicCute Data Recovery to make cell phone data recovery the simplest and easiest!

Very Easy to Use

System Requirements:

Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 DirectX 9



"I had downloaded my favorite music and video games to my cell phone memory card for a whole night, but they were all gone at the moment I accidentally formatted the card. Thanks to MagicCute Data Recovery, I get them all back; otherwise I might have been waste so much time!"
---Grayson Hunte, USA

" I would have lost all my phone contact number when my cell phone memory card was infected with viruses. But MagicCute Data Recovery helps me to recover them so easily. Many thanks! "
---Terri Kent, UK

"I love reading e-books while listening to music on my cell phone. But ever since the memory card has suffered from so many errors, I could not enjoy it anymore. Lucky to me, I found MagicCute Data Recovery, and it really helps!"
---Jenny Brown, Canada